Social Tokens Dashboard in Dune Analytics

Social tokens are quickly gaining in popularity. Using Dune Analytics, this Social Tokens Dashboard tracks the ongoing changes among social tokens such as $WHALE, $BANK, $FWB and others.

The dashboard was inspired by a bounty posted by seeking a data based analysis of social tokens. Forefront already featured a page with 23 social tokens, showing items such as prices and trade volume. Based upon this list, I put together a Dune Analytics dashboard to monitor various on-chain data and transactions.

To build the dashboard, I started by looking at some existing popular Dune dashboards relating to tokens and token holders. One of my favorite features of Dune is the ability to build on top of what others have already done. The source for every chart/table/graph is easy to view, and any item can quickly be forked to begin custuomization.

After developing an initial dashboard, I reached out to Carlos at Forefront for some feedback. He helped improve the dashboad trememdously and connected me with a writer to greatly improve my written analysis of the dashboard. The article has since been published at Forefront's Mirror site.

While developing this dashboard, I made a Pull Request to add all of the tokens to Dune's token list with the identifying symbol and decimal denomination. This PR has since been committed, which will make it easier to add price analytics to the dashboard in the future.

This was the first full dashboard I put together in Dune, and I've since had a chance to put together another. The tool is awesome for exploring blockchain data, and I've been very impressed with the team after participating in a Town Hall call and the community's Discord.