Social Tokens analysis for

Social tokens, such as those used by communities such as Whale, Bankless, and dozens of others, have risen dramatically in popularity over the past year. In just the last 6 months, wallets holding tokens tracked by have grown over 400% and it's unlikely to slow down.

I recently developed a Social Tokens Analytics Dashboard, using Dune Analytics, for the tokens tracked by Forefront. The dashboard displays the number of wallets holding each token, as well as trades on decentralized exchanges (DEXes), and a cumulative look at the total number of wallets holding social tokens.

With the help of Forefront contributor Jihad, we co-authored an accompanying article, which has been published on mirror. Here's an excerpt from the article, Social Tokens have grown over 400% in 2021:

Over 16,000 wallets now hold social tokens, with over 10,000 new wallets introducing social tokens since the beginning of this year. Since August 2020, the number of wallets holding $FF tracked tokens has grown over 1400%, while the number of tokens tracked increased from 9 to 25. While Forefront doesn’t track every token in the space, the growth here is indicative of much larger trends across the ecosystem.

Read the full article at Forefront's site, and check out the Social Tokens Dashboard on Dune Analytics.