Against Measure Y in San Mateo 2020

Against Measure Y in San Mateo 2020

Measure Y is a proposal to restrict building in San Mateo by imposing strict limits for another 10 years. A vote against this measure will remove zoning restrictions that have restricted developers voters over the past 30 years.

Removing the restrictions placed by Measure Y would allows developers to build more homes and help alleviate the housing affordability issues facing the entire Bay Area. By allowing higher density housing, local businesses would have more potential customers, the city tax base will increase, and more local community members likes teachers, nurses and firefighters will have the opportunity to live in San Mateo.

There’s a site devoted to the No on Y cause, with “major funding” by the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative Advocacy, with more information. Mayor Joe Goethals has voiced his opposition to Measure Y, as have a number of local San Mateo government and business leaders.

Measure Y limits how many homes can be built on a piece of land. These limits are particularly detrimental to special needs, or supportive affordable housing. For special needs housing to be financially possible, it must almost always be over 100 units per acre, even if it is only two stories. This is because supportive affordable housing requires resource-intensive on-site services. Non-profit builders cannot sustain these costs if the housing doesn’t serve enough people.

The site linked above has more info, as well as posters available for pickup. There wasn’t a download link immediately apparent so I created a couple versions for downloading and printing. One focuses on removing building restrictions, while the other focuses on building affordable housing.

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Download ‘No on Measure Y in San Mateo - Remove Building Restrictions’ Poster png pdf

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Download ‘No on Measure Y in San Mateo - Build Affordable Housing’ Poster png pdf