NFT News & Links for Friday Feb 11 2022

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NFT links and news for Friday Feb 11 2022

- Salesforce planning an NFT Cloud - Ledger Insights - enterprise blockchain

via Ledger Insights - enterprise blockchain | 2022 02 10 Salesforce founder and co-ceo Marc Benioff also owns Time magazine, and which has already been quite active in the NFT space.

CNBC reported that Salesforce is planning an NFT Cloud, citing un-named sources. The topic was discussed at an online Salesforce event. There was some debate about whether Salesforce be a competitor to OpenSea, the NFT marketplace, or whether it might partner with the startup.

- Creator of Vine and Loot raises $12 million for NFT-powered sci-fi project

via The Block | 2022 02 10
Floor is already nearly 10 eth on this project

Paradigm led a $12 million seed funding round for Sup, a parent firm that’s building out Blitmap. Through the funding, Blitmap intends to scale as well as develop other projects and universes, according to a tweet from Sup.

- Step into the Shiba Inu Virtual World and Join the Land Sale

via DappRadar Blog RSS Feed | 2022 02 10
Priority will be given to those holding $LEASH tokens

The Shiba Inu team is working towards expanding its ecosystem of blockchain products as they announced an upcoming virtual world and NFT land sale. This new corner of the metaverse will allow Shiba fans to own a piece of land to go with their ShibaSwap activity.

- Smooth Love Potion Soars 70% in 24 Hours Behind Axie Infinity Update

via The Defiant | 2022 02 10
Impresive run from SLP have tokenomic changes

The apparent catalyst is a change to Axie’s game mechanics as a part Season 20 update, which was posted to the project’s Substack on Feb. 3. Season 20 makes two major cuts to SLP emissions, which together will reduce daily increases in token supply by 165M, according to the project’s estimations.

- OnlyFans launches verified NFT profile pictures

via The Block | 2022 02 10
Continuing the platform’s appeal to creators, OnlyFans adopts NFTs for profile pics.

The popular subscription platform OnlyFans, known for its adult content, will now let users post verified NFTs as profile pictures.

- Someone Bought NFTs From Accused Bitcoin Launderer, and They’re Pissed

via VICE - VICE is the definitive guide to enlightening information. | 2022 02 11
An NFT angle on the BitFinex hack arrest: After a user purchased 2 NFTs created by one of those arrested, OpenSea removed the items from its site.

While both of the tokens remain on the blockchain, neither of them appeared on the buyer's profile on OpenSea on Thursday, where both profiles associated with Morgan and Lichtenstein also now 404, as BuzzFeed News previously reported. They were visible on LooksRare, another NFT marketplace, but there was no image file and they appeared blank.