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NFT Data, News & Links for Tuesday Feb 15 2022

NFT Data for Tuesday Feb 15 2022

currently reporting on ethereum network data, more to come

Steve Aoki on musicians earning more via NFTs, NFTs for Web2 marketers, YouTube video NFTs, CerealClub a RUG!, Stake $SAND, Banksy NFT, JPMorgan in the Metaverse

NFT Data for Tuesday Feb 15 2022

currently reporting on ethereum network data, more to come

NFT News & Links for Tuesday Feb 15 2022

- Steve Aoki Says He’s Made More Money With NFTs Than From 10 Years of Music Advances

via Decrypt | 2022 02 14

Aoki spoke at event for the recently launched Gala Music, an offshot of Gala Games and cited the potential for artists to earn far more via NFTs than streaming platforms

“But if I was to really break down, OK, in the 10 years I’ve been making music… six albums, and you [combine] all those advances, what I did in one drop last year in NFTs, I made more money. And also, I was way more unhinged with music,” Aoki said.

- Why Brands and Agencies Can't Afford to Ignore NFTs

via Adweek | 2022 02 14

This article outlines the potential benefits to marketing using NFTs, in an effort to dissuade FUD

Few new technologies have generated as much buzz in recent years as nonfungible tokens, or NFTs. As with social networks, virtual reality and cryptocurrency when they first hit the scene, the excitement surrounding these unique digital assets has led many to question whether they will live up to the hype.

- YouTube can single-handedly shape the video NFT market

via Fortune | 2022 02 14

Making the case for how YouTube could take over the video NFT marketplace with a lack of a dominant video NFT marketplace in the current landscape

The potential for a YouTube NFT marketplace is massive, based on the scale of the platform, and a lack of competition in video-specific marketplaces. OpenSea has captured 97% of all NFT sales and has proven to be the dominant platform at the moment. However, pictures and GIFs are the vast majority of content being sold on OpenSea and similar platforms.

- Cereal Club NFT Project Possible Rug Warning

via NFT Culture | 2022 02 15

Looks like CerealClub may be another rug. Always be weary of new projects with big, unverifiable claims.

As with everything in NFT space please do your own research. Not all projects are required to have amazing roadmaps / utility to be successful. In that case community is everything. With the discord being closed off, it’s hard to know what is really going on. We have contacted the team for comments.

- The Sandbox Adds SAND Token Staking on Polygon

via Play to Earn | 2022 02 15

Single sided staking now available for $SAND tokens

In December, $SAND token holders were able to provide liquidity pairs (ETH/SAND and MATIC/SAND) to earn rewards in $SAND. With this new update, holders can now single-stake their SAND tokens to receive rewards. This removes the risk or impermanent loss that can happen if the prices of the tokens provided fluctuate a lot.

- Banksy’s Love is in the Air Artwork Was Fractionalized For Valentines Day

via NFTevening | 2022 02 15

Particle sells NFTs of a Banksy while continuing to display the physical - and without any authorization from the artist

Particle Foundation will display the physical piece in museums worldwide and maintain ownership in perpetuity. Meanwhile, the fractionalized NFTs will give the new owners a chance to own a portion of the Foundation, and in turn, a portion of Banksy’s piece.

- Sotheby’s to accept crypto payment for sports memorabilia NFT sale for first time

via The Block | 2022 02 15

Sotheby's is auctioning a Kobe Bryant jersey with an accompanying NFT

Bryant’s shooting shirt will be sold physically and have an accompanying NFT of an animation depicting Bryant’s 81-point game. The shirt’s starting price will begin at $200,000 USD. Sotheby’s will accept the final payment in ETH, BTC, USD Coin as well as fiat currency.

- JPMorgan stakes a claim in the metaverse with Decentraland lounge

via The Block | 2022 02 15

JPMorgan is the latest corporation to metaverse land, and this looks like marketing for a bigger push into metaverse investments

JPMorgan unveiled the lounge as part of a broader research report covering the metaverse. In addition to noting the surge in the market capitalization of metaverse tokens since Facebook announced its pivot to Meta at the end of last year, the bank outlined some of the opportunities the metaverse presents for brands and consumers.