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NFT Data, News & Links for Monday Feb 14 2022

Crypto Bowl, fast food NFTs, Cent marketplace suspends sales, $LOOKS investors cash-out $73 million, Samsung NFTs, NFTs seized amid tax evasion & more

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NFT Data for Monday Feb 14 2022

currently reporting on ethereum network data, more to come

NFT News & Links for Monday Feb 14 2022

- Pre-orders of Samsung’s New Galaxy S22 Smartphone to Come With NFTs

via Decrypt | 2022 02 14
Samsung offering NFTs from Theta Labs with "ongoing membership benefits and privileges” for new Tablet S8 and Galaxy S22 customers

customers who have pre-ordered Samsung's Galaxy S22 or Tablet S8 can claim their NFTs by registering with ThetaDrop and applying a unique code generated through their "Samsung Members" app. 

- British authorities just seized NFTs for the first time, in a £1.4 million fraud probe

via CNBC | 2022 02 14
Three NFTs + $5k in cryptocurrency seized in UK tax fraud investigation

HMRC says it is the first law enforcement body in the U.K. to make a seizure of NFTs. Authorities seized three NFTs representing digital art, as well as another £5,000 in other crypto assets. The NFTs are yet to be appraised, and the probe is ongoing, HMRC said.

- Coinbase 'Free Bitcoin' Super Bowl Ad Causes Site to Briefly Crash

via Decrypt | 2022 02 13
And we keep waiting for the Coinbase NFT marketplace…

Coinbase's bold QR-code ad led to a free Bitcoin promotion that was so popular it crashed the site.

- Anyone surprised by this did not research the token properly at all.

via Cobie(@cobie) / Twitter | 2022 02 14
Interesting look at the distribution & rewards behind the $LOOKS token

- Company behind Florida NFT home sale has another property ready to go

via Fortune | 2022 02 14
Propy plans to sell 10 more homes as NFTs, with a $200-300k condo in the Tampa area coming next

Propy plans to list 10 more properties-as-NFTs around the country. It says it’s looking for unique homes, since NFT enthusiasts consider the tokens collectible.

- Arca’s Oversubscribed NFT Fund Closes At $50M Cap

via GlobeNewswire News Room | 2022 02 14
Funds keep flowing into NFTs. Here's a new NFT focused investment fund with $50M in capital

The Arca NFT Fund focuses on investing in the NFTs themselves, many of which have immediate cash flows and yields, and unique properties that accrue directly to the token holder. Arca will be focused on digital property, in-game assets, passive income generators, art/collectibles, DeFi integrated NFTs, utility and reward based NFTs, AI NFTs, identity tokens and royalty streams. The Fund will also focus on investing in the tokens underpinning the ecosystem, such as: gaming assets, infrastructure, metaverse related tokens and utility tokens that shape the fabric of the NFT economy.

- NFT marketplace suspends most sales, citing 'rampant' fakes and plagiarism

via CNN | 2022 02 14

- Chick'nCone launches NFT to buy into franchise territories

via | 2022 02 14
Fastfood chain Chick'nCone is offering NFTs covering specific geographic areas with franchise fees and royatlies to be paid to the holder - if the chain opens a location in that area.

The cost of a Chick’nCoin is set at $14,500 or 5.5 ETH — buyers have the option of using U.S. dollars or cryptocurrency. Almanzar said on Friday that 5.5 ETH was more than the dollar amount, in part because there are fees for conversion to U.S. dollars. After the company sells 100 tokens, they plan to reevaluate the price, given the fluidity of exchange rates.

- DOJ Seizes $3.6 Billion in Bitcoin From 2016 Bitfinex Hack, Arrests Couple

via Decrypt | February 8th 2022
"According to court documents, both parties allegedly conspired to launder 119,754 Bitcoins, all stolen from the Bitfinex platform when it was hacked in 2016."