NFT Dashboards on Dune Analytics

Over the past couple of months, I've worked on a handful of NFT Dahsboards on the Dune Analtyics platform. Some of the most popular dashboards include an NFT Oveview Dashboard and a NFT Collection Analysis Dashboard.

It's been too long since posting here, and some of the dashboards are already quite popular on the Dune platform, with hundreds of favorite 'stars'. It's nice to know others are using the dashboards to analyze projects beyond what's avaiable for sales data from OpenSea.

One of the most compelling features of NFTs is the public nature of all transactions. There's an immense amount of data on the blockchain, and it can be difficult to make any sense of it. These dashboards are one way to view the data in a more structured manner, while providing additional details.

The NFT Overview Dashboard is great for getting a macro look at the NFT market. This includes secondary sales on the ETH network, and breaks them into specific projects to get an idea of top projects by volume, sales, avg price and more. This also includes a table displaying collections that 'top' collectors (i.e. most profitable on OpenSea) have been buying recently.

For more detailed information on single projects, the NFT Collection Analysis Dashboard can be used to view analytics on nearly any project. Links can be found on the Overview Dashboard, or the contract address can be input directly on the top of the page (be sure to omit the leading 0, e.g. 0xD29b2... becomes xD29b2...).

These dashboards are a work-in-progress, and I'm always open to suggestions for improvements!