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New projects Sheet Fighter and Edenhorde dominate, Animoca grows, Snoop's 10k 'Doggies', Consensys announces TreeTrunk, WeatherReportNFT Problems

Trading volume is down ~23% over the last 24 hours, while the number of sales has risen by over 10%. A decline in wash trading since a few weeks ago continues to impact the slope of trading volume, while OpenSea volume has remained more steady over the last 30 days.

Recently launched projects Sheet Fighter and Edenhorde have dominated trading volume. And NFTWorlds has surged to a 10eth floor.

In news: Animoca buys Grease Monkey Games (mobile racing) + partners with Play Magnus Group (online chess), Snoop is launching 10k avatar doggies, WeatherReportNFT artists speaks out against founders, Consensys launching TreeTrunk NFT marketplace

NFT Data for Thursday Feb 17 2022

currently reporting on ethereum network data, more to come

NFT News & Links for Thursday Feb 17 2022

- Animoca Brands snaps up mobile game maker Grease Monkey Games

via The Block | 2022 02 17

Animoca continues to expand its footprint in gaming and put its capital to use with the acquisition of a motor sports gaming company.

Animoca Brands, the gaming and virtual worlds-focused company, said Thursday morning that it has acquired Grease Monkey Games, a development studio that has produced several mobile-focused titles.

- Magnus Carlsen and The Sandbox Move Chess into the Metaverse

via DappRadar | 2022 02 17

Animoca is partnering with chess champion Magnus Carlsen and his digital chess company Play Magnus Group

Chess Champion Magnus Carlsen is taking his seat at The Sandbox’s chess table as Animoca Brands partners with Play Magnus Group (PMG) to bring the ancient pastime into the metaverse. The partnership will introduce virtual world activities and NFT collections, bringing the classic mind game to a new frontier.

- RT @SnoopDogg: Tha Doggies. On Tha Sandbox. My 1st ever 10,000 avatars droppin 2/22/22. Be ready. 👊🏿🔥🔥👊🏿👊🏿💪🏿🎤 checc it @TheSnoopAvatars #tw…

via Twitter | 2022 02 16

Snoop is dropping an avatar collection of 10k doggies on feb 22

Tha Doggies. On Tha Sandbox. My 1st ever 10,000 avatars droppin 2/22/22

- On the Twitter page and website of @WeatheReportNFT, they mention that "a storm is coming". Not sure if they were referring to the document that the artist just released about this project, but it doesn't look good (or ethical).

via Twitter | 2022 02 16

WeatherReport’s artist with a harsh critique of the WeatherReport project, looking to be yet another hyped project with shady ties

A statement from the founding artist of @WeatheReportNFT

- New ConsenSys Mesh NFT marketplace pays royalties to creators and collectors

via Cointelegraph | 2022 02 17

Consensys launching new NFT marketplace, TreeTrunk, with royalty distribution built into contract

According to the company, TreeTrunk has introduced a pioneering smart contract that collects and distributes royalty payments from the secondary sales of NFTs immediately and securely on the blockchain. Current NFT standards may not enforce instant collection or distribution of royalties on a chain to the creator, and less so to both creators and distributors.