Develop a list of virtues to guide life

Develop a list of virtues to guide life

Virtues help guide decisions in life, both subconsciously and those requiring active concentration. Develop a literal list of virtues major decisions, and influence everyday actions.

Generally, virtues are ideals agreed upon by most of society as being positive. These differ from values, which vary greatly for each individually.

Ben Franklin strived to improve upon a set of 13 virtues. He focused upon one each week, working to improve that particular virtue. Meanwhile, he kept a running checklist of all virtues and marked his transgressions each day.

Franklin’s list of virtues used terms that seemed somewhat outdated. His principle of striving for continual improvement is not. This virtues list [serves as a great start(, and I used it as a guide to create an 8 item list of virtues. I put this list in my daily notebook, which I carry nearly everywhere.

simple list of virtues

  • courage ability to do the right thing in the face of fear. For a few, it is the absence of fear; for most, it’s the willingness to act despite fear
  • diligence commitment and dedication. It is about making a decision once, and hen keeping it up despite adversities and mood fluctuations
  • humility don’t compare self to others. let go of the desire to feel superior by means of wealth, fame, intelligence, beauty, titles, or influence.
  • equanimity the ability to accept the present moment without emotional reaction, without agitation - especially in times of turbulence
  • detachment forgiveness, flexibility. separate outcomes from controllable actions. let go and see what happens.
  • joy cheerful, content, happy, and grateful. There is always something good in anything that happens.
  • trust feeling that if you keep true to your path, things will eventually become. there is something good to come out of the next part of life
  • kindness expand personal sense of well-being to include others. ability to put ourselves in another person’s shoes, and feel what they feel

Wisdom has been left off this list and should be mentioned. It’s best to act with wisdom but it’s hard to strive for wisdom. Wisdom develops out of other virtues, rather than as a leading ideal to be sought.

develop-list-of-virtues-guide-life.jpeg by Andrew Maury