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Death Row Records, x2y2 airdrop, Disney, UofOregon

Death Row a Metaverse Record Label, New Airdrop from x2y2, Disney in the metaverse, Phil Knight backed UofOregon NFTs & more

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NFT Data for Wednesday Feb 16 2022

currently reporting on ethereum network data, more to come

NFT News & Links for Wednesday Feb 16 2022

- 'Life-changing' or scam? Axie Infinity helps Philippines' poor earn

via Yahoo | 2022 02 15

- A crypto collective lost $470,000 after one individual amassed enough tokens to take control of the group's treasury

via Business Insider | 2022 02 15

- Snoop Dogg Says Death Row Will Be NFT Record Label: 'I Want to Be the First Major in the Metaverse'

via Complex | 2022 02 15

Snoop bought the rights to Death Row Records a week ago, then dropped and album as and NFT, then announced Death Row will be a metaverse music label

“Death Row will be an NFT label,” Snoop said, which you can hear in the video below. “We will be putting out artists through the metaverse. Just like we broke the industry when we was the first independent [label] to be major, I want to be the first major [label] in the metaverse.”

- OpenSea Taps Metalink to Improve Customer Service After Rollercoaster Month

via Decrypt | 2022 02 15

Customer support improvements coming to opensea viaMetaLink, albeit for just 9 collections initially

Web3 communications platform Metalink has agreed to work with NFT marketplace OpenSea on launching three official channels for OpenSea, focusing on announcements, support, and user feedback

- Another NFT marketplace, x2y2, begins vampire attack on OpenSea

via The Block | 2022 02 16

Airdrop from new NFT marketplace x2yx, with some notable differences from the LooksRare distribution which recently saw early investors and project creators cash out for big profits

According to its Litepaper published in January, x2y2 differs from LooksRare in many ways. For one, the airdrop is for all 861,417 wallets that have traded on OpenSea before January 2022. In the LooksRare airdrop, only wallets that had traded at least 3 ETH ($9,000) on OpenSea between mid-June and mid-December 2021 were eligible for the airdrop.

- Comedy Decentral to Host First Comedy Festival in Decentraland

via NFT Plazas | 2022 02 16

Comedy Central will host a festival in Decentraland Feb 23-26, with NFTs for fans to collect of course

As of now, Comedy Decentral have only released details for one specific act, which will be a live-streamed set from John Moses, who will be joined by Ryan Long, Megan Hanley, JL Cauvin and Grady Pruitt. The set will take place on February 24th at 20:00-21:30PM ET, and will be pinged-in to Decentraland from St Marks Comedy Club in New York.

- Reversal in NFT Market Triggers Plunge in Ethereum Burn Rate - The Defiant

via The Defiant | 2022 02 16

NFT trading volume has declined significantly, largely due to a decrease in LooksRare wash trading, and ethereum burn rates have dropped in turn.

According to Ultrasound Money, Ethereum’s burn rate is down by about two-thirds since mid-January, falling to 4.5 Ether every minute after trending above 12 ETH per minute last month. The figure is also down by one-third over the past week, slipping from 7 Ether every minute on Feb. 8.

- Disney Focusing on Metaverse Strategy

via NFT Culture | 2022 02 16

Disney is making moves in the metaverse, and it sure seems likely they'll find a way to turn their IP into NFTs

Mike White, an executive in the Media and Entertainment Distribution group, has been named to the new role of senior vice president of Next Generation Storytelling and Consumer Experiences, where he will help define how consumers experience Disney’s coming metaverse. He will work alongside Disney’s creative teams.

- Cool NFT tools | Q1 2022

via Metaversal / Bankless | 2022 02 15

NFT tools including: Flips, Nansen, Artiva, Dework, Drips, Midwit, MultiRaffle,, Tally, ChargedParticles, NFTx, Context, Hyype, Watchtower, Manifold Studio, Landworks, Showtime, RarityGuide, and RaritySniper

many new developments and projects have arrived in the ecosystem

- Blockchains: Changing the Game | Messari

via Messari | 2022 02 16

Deep dive on the state of NFT-based gaming including a look at Axie, SoRare, DeFi Kingdoms - plus how GameFi is tied to the rise of metaverse assets

Data shows Axie Infinity is the clear leader in secondary NFT sales, the vast majority of which occur on its sidechain Ronin. More recently, ParallelAlpha, another strategy card game, has grown in recent months in part due to its intriguing SciFi backstory and intellectual property. Overall, there exist several successful games with over $100 million in secondary NFT sales across multiple blockchain networks, showing that there’s still no clear consensus on which platform is best suited for blockchain-based games.

- Oregon Student Athletes Will Split Revenue From Tinker Hatfield-Created NFT Collection

via Forbes | 2022 02 16

"Division Street, a sport venture company founded by Phil Knight, is launching a new online NFT platform called “Ducks of a Feather” that will benefit Oregon student athletes."

... The first “Ducks of a Feather” collection is a collaboration with the Oregon football team called “Flying Formations.” This collection features 120 unique, one-of-one digital art pieces created and serialized by Oregon alum and Nike designer Tinker Hatfield. As added value, each NFT from the collection will also be accompanied by a hyper-limited special edition Nike Air Max 1, which will feature a representation of the NFT on the shoe’s tongue.