Dashboard for Art Blocks floor prices & sales by project

Art Blocks is the home of some of the most influential and creative generative art, and it's gaining popularity among NFT and classic art collectors. With over 100 projects released, and no signs of slowing down, it can be difficult to analyze individual projects.

On platforms like OpenSea, the sales are grouped by Curated, Playground, and Factory, with individual projects avaialble for selection for listings, not sales data. In this Dune Analytics dashboard, the project ID can be entered in the top left to get data for each Art Blocks project, including hisorical floor prices, rolling average sales prices, total secondary sales, and more.

The Art Blocks - Sales by Project Dashboard also include a history of each individual secondary transaction. That list is fully sortable and searchable, making it easy to find highest sales, recent sales, etc, as well as link to the OpenSea transaction.

This is the third Dune dashboard I've configured recently, and it's quickly becoming one of my most frequently used tools. Blockchain analysis is still relatively new, and I expect Dune to continue to improve. I've got another dashboard in the works, with plans to create an overview dashboard of Art Blocks projects to compare projects side by side and will continue to make improvents to the existing dashboards.

Check out the dashboard, especially if you're an Art Blocks fan, and be sure to try changing the project ID in the top left.