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Notes & Articles

Edenhorde leads, GrayBoys surge, Yuga Labs CEO speaks, Animoca's rise, DeHorizon raises

February 18, 2022
NFT Data & News
Edenhorde leads trading volume, GrayBoys surge behind NFTWorlds, Yuga Labs CEO speaks out against BuzzFeed, behind Animoca's rise, DeHorizon…

New projects Sheet Fighter and Edenhorde dominate, Animoca grows, Snoop's 10k 'Doggies', Consensys announces TreeTrunk, WeatherReportNFT Problems

February 17, 2022
NFT Data & News
Trading volume is down ~23% over the last 24 hours, while the number of sales has risen by over 10%. A decline in wash trading since a few…

Death Row Records, x2y2 airdrop, Disney, UofOregon

February 16, 2022
NFT Data & News
Death Row a Metaverse Record Label, New Airdrop from x2y2, Disney in the metaverse, Phil Knight backed UofOregon NFTs & more Featured image…

NFT Data, News & Links for Tuesday Feb 15 2022

February 15, 2022
NFT Data & News
NFT Data for Tuesday Feb 15 2022 currently reporting on ethereum network data, more to come Steve Aoki on musicians earning more via NFTs…

NFT Data, News & Links for Monday Feb 14 2022

February 14, 2022
NFT Data & News
Crypto Bowl, fast food NFTs, Cent marketplace suspends sales, $LOOKS investors cash-out $73 million, Samsung NFTs, NFTs seized amid tax…

NFT News & Links for Friday Feb 11 2022

February 11, 2022
Daily NFT Market Performance currently reporting on ethereum network data, more to come NFT links and news for Friday Feb 11 202…

NFT Dashboards on Dune Analytics

October 13, 2021
Over the past couple of months, I've worked on a handful of NFT Dahsboards on the Dune Analtyics platform. Some of the most popular…

Dashboard for Art Blocks floor prices & sales by project

July 09, 2021
Art Blocks is the home of some of the most influential and creative generative art, and it's gaining popularity among NFT and classic art…

Social Tokens Dashboard in Dune Analytics

July 06, 2021
Social tokens are quickly gaining in popularity. Using Dune Analytics, this Social Tokens Dashboard tracks the ongoing changes among social…

Luke Shannon to return with followup to The Opera

July 02, 2021
Luke Shannon, the artist behind The Opera, is returning to Art Blocks Factory in late July 2021. The original 256 piece collection was…

Generative Arts to launch Enchiridion in 2nd Art Blocks project

July 02, 2021
Unity and dispersion exist in a relative dichotomy, and in Generative Artworks upcoming project, the team explores a style quite different…

Previewing Pikelny’s 2nd Art Blocks project I Saw it in a Dream

July 02, 2021
The images that we see before sleep often recur in our dreams. In Steve Pikelny’s upcoming project, I saw it in a Dream, he explores a…